Production Chemicals


Scale Inhibitors

  • Reduce downtime for mechanical, acid, and/or chemical cleanout
  • Increase lifetime of well and vessels by minimizing deposits
  • Maintain flow capacity of various flowlines associated with surface equipment


  • Maximize production and reduce downtime
  • Extend the life of well
  • Reduce corrosion in the wellbore by removing water
  • Cost-effective alternative to mechanical equipment
  • Minimal capital investment required


  • Enhance overall production for gas and oil
  • Reduce formation damage by eliminating water and light emulsion blocks

Iron Sulfide Dissolvers

  • Increased production on flowing wells and on injection wells
  • Fewer equipment failures
  • Decreased use of chemicals
  • Removal of iron sulfide-related operational problems
  • Minimized release of toxic hydrogen sulfide in downstream fluids following treatment
  • Reduced or eliminated emulsions separator interfaces caused by asphaltenes


  • Applied to control system fouling and protect against microbiologically influenced corrosion
  • Protect formations from externally induced bacterial contamination which can sour oil and gas production
  • Control the accumulation of sulfate-reducing bacteria generated hydrogen sulfide and iron sulfide in production equipment and vessels, which could lead to: failures, system downtime, high operating expenses, reduced production, and possible H2S exposure
  • Reduce biological contamination from wellbores previously contaminated using untreated fluids

Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Mitigate corrosion in wellbores, flowlines, gathering lines, and pipelines of oil and gas systems
  • Mitigate pitting corrosion failures and down time;
  • Lower dosage rates require smaller pumps and infrastructure to deliver
  • Combination products to minimize CAPEX costs associated with application.

H2S Scavengers

  • Reduce hydrogen sulfide content
  • Adhere to contract sales limit for H2S content
  • Removal of H2S gas from process systems
  • Removal of reaction products from process systems
  • Maintain asset integrity

Oxygen Scavengers

  • Reduce oxygen content in fluids injected downhole;
  • Minimize oxygen-induced corrosion and pitting
  • Minimize iron oxide deposition and scaling

Asphaltene Inhibitors

  • Reduces precipitation of asphaltenes from crude oil
  • Maximize production potential by preventing deposition/restriction in flowlines and tubulars
  • Preserve asset integrity and reliability in flowlines
  • Improve performance of surface treating operations

Paraffin Inhibitors

  • Reduce or eliminate
    • paraffin deposits in vessels thus improves operations
    • paraffin induced flowline restrictions, providing flow assurance
    • paraffin induced pads at separator interfaces, improving vessel control and operation
    • downhole paraffin depositions, increasing production
    • pour point of paraffinic crude oils