Our Philosophy


Ideal Energy Solutions believes that safety is equal to production. Our management team is committed to reducing workplace risks in order to prevent injury to people, damage to property , and harm to the environment.

Ideal Energy Solutions' commitment, to safety, is shown by an unwavering adherence to federal, state and local laws. Ideal Energy Solutions' compliance with regulations and executing our services with industry best practices allows us to focus on fulfilling customer requirements and hopefully exceed customer expectations.

Additionally, Ideal Energy Solutions maintains strategic focus on training and employee competency. Ideal Energy Solutions 'Service Supervisors' complete an onsite "Job Safety & environmental Analysis" prior to the start of any operation. To further strengthen safe operations and substantiate management commitment to safety culture, Ideal Energy Solutions has developed and implemented an "Employee-owned Behavioral Based Safety" program. This program's focus is centered on observing, communicating and correcting unsafe acts and conditions. Every employee is encouraged and expected to carry out the spirit of this safety program. Each employee knows and understands - Stop Work Authority must be utilized when imminent danger is present.